Smile Makeovers at Parramatta Dental Clinic

Smile Makeovers at Parramatta Dental Clinic Are you thinking about getting a smile makeover? Our complimentary consultations can give you the information you need to plan the path to having beautiful teeth. If you’ve always wanted to change the way your smile looks, now is the time. To accommodate the needs of each patient, we offer a variety of different cosmetic treatments to choose from. In most cases, we’ll want to combine various procedures for the desired results. No two people are alike.

Common Cosmetic Treatments

Depending on your timeline, tooth anatomy and budget, you may want to select one or more of the following techniques:

Dental Veneers — Dramatic dental veneers are excellent stand-alone treatments for spacing, tooth shape and sizing issues.

Teeth Whitening — Professional whitening removes deep stains and helps teeth look their brightest.

Orthodontics — Correcting the alignment of your teeth helps to address spacing issues such as crowding and gaps.

Ceramic Restorations — Crowns and bridges repair damaged or missing teeth. Their custom porcelain design makes it look as if your smile is whole again.

Dental Bonding — Quickly cover small chips or flaws in tooth enamel to make your slightly damaged teeth look whole and healthy.

Which Path is Right for Me?

During your consultation we’ll discuss all of the choices you qualify for. From there, we’ll make recommendations as to the 1-2 most appropriate options given your individual smile goals. A customised treatment plan will outline the various procedures and appointments, so that you can make an educated decision about your aesthetic procedures.

Things to Keep in Mind

We only recommend cosmetic treatments (such as whitening and veneers) on teeth that are healthy and free of gum disease. In order to support aesthetic restorations, you need a strong base. Severe decay or bone loss are contraindications for elective treatments such as smile makeovers.

However, if you do need to treat cavities or broken teeth, a porcelain restoration like a crown or bridge will work. We can also incorporate white fillings and dental implants. We’ll discuss your specific needs during your free consultation.

Affording Your Smile Makeover

Smile makeovers come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on your needs, we offer flexible financing plans to help treatment fit into your monthly budget. Financing starts at just 0% interest.