Meet Our Parramatta Team

Our kind and caring team members are passionate about ensuring that you and every member of your family have a positive experience at Parramatta Dental Clinic. We’d like you to get to know our team better.

Daniel Shrestha

Business Development Manager

Daniel is an overseas dentist, graduating with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2018. He moved to Australia in 2019 to pursue his master’s degree in public health.

Being of dental background himself, he understands the need of the patient and understands the patient perspective. You can always find him in the clinic ready to explain and discuss any queries you may have while you visit our practice. Continuing his passion for the industry, he entered into the dental field in Australia as a clinical coordinator and has worked both with private and corporate dental practices.

As the business development manager at Parramatta Dental Clinic, Daniel looks after the business and patient's needs, keeping sharp eyes on his work towards smooth running of the practice, making sure he’s meeting the patient expectations to the highest standards - 100% of the time. Daniel also looks after our advertising, social media, marketing, and school newsletter across several practices across Australia, along with business referral opportunities, meetings with stakeholders for advertising and marketing.

Apart from his time at the clinic, you can find Daniel hiking through the bushes in Sydney or in one of the best restaurants during weekends.

Kerrie Ly

Front Office Manager

Miss Kerrie, graduated with a in Bachelor of Nursing in 2021. She has being working as a dental nurse for over 5 years now.

With her experiences and knowledge she is now working as our Front Office Manager at the clinic. She is kind-hearted, caring and understands the patient's needs.

As the Front Office Manager, she is always bringing a bright smile to every patient and builds a holistic relationship with every patient and the team. Not only does she care about the patient but she is also a team player and treats all clinicians and staff equally.

Apart from her time in the clinic, you can find Kerrie searching for the best places for good food in Sydney or doing her favourite hobby, which is photography.

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