Dental Implants

Are you considering dental implants? Today’s implant designs are predictable and capable of lasting the rest of your life. Their biocompatible design mimics the function of natural tooth roots, providing support to fixed restorations like crowns, bridges and certain types of dentures.

MegaGen Implant System

Parramatta Dental Clinic chooses MegaGen Dental Implant technology. See how our dental implants allow you to enjoy a healthy life.

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Does it Hurt to Get an Implant?

Dental implant surgery is a straightforward procedure performed with local anaesthetic. It’s much quicker to complete than you may think. In most cases an implant can be placed in less than an hour. Since your bone doesn’t have nerve endings, discomfort is kept to a minimum. Most people manage any minor gum irritation with an over-the-counter pain reliever.

Implant Restorations

Since implants are only the “root” portion of your tooth replacement, you will need a restoration to attach on top. The one you choose will depend how many teeth are missing.

Single teeth are replaced with an individual implant and a ceramic crown. From the outside, it looks like a part of your natural smile. You’ll brush and floss your implant and crown as if they were regular teeth.

For multiple missing teeth, we’ll place a pair of implants and anchor a dental bridge on top. Implants are extremely durable and much stronger than teeth. We can use them to support more weight and longer bridges, restoring up to 3-4 teeth at a time.

For full mouth reconstruction, an implant-supported denture is usually best. Over-dentures look like a conventional design but have small attachments that clip onto 2-4 implants for stability. Implant retained dentures are a permanent, hybrid shape that looks more like an extended dental bridge.

How are MegaGen Australia's Dental Implants Different?

Using MegaGen’s world-renowned implant surface technology, you can experience increased stability, with the possibility of the overall treatment period for our Dental Implants being reduced by half.


Advantages of Dental Implants

• Stronger than teeth
• Outlast other dental restorations
• Designed like a tooth
• Encourages healthy bone
• Supports facial structures
• Single or multi-tooth options
• Best return on investment

Investing in a dental implant gives you a restoration that lasts longer than any other modern treatment. In studies, researchers found that approximately 98% of implants are expected to last for life.

The key to success is proper home care (including flossing) and placement by an experienced dental provider.

Do You Qualify?

Before getting dental implants, we’ll need to make sure you have enough healthy bone to support them.

Active gum disease is a contraindication for implants, as it can result in peri-implantitis infections and failure of the treatment.

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