Children’s Dentistry at Parramatta Dental Clinic

The Parramatta Dental Clinic team is here to meet the dental needs of your entire family. We love to see children shortly after their first teeth erupt. We’ll help them have a positive experience at the dentist so that they never develop fears and anxieties about dental care. When you arrive, your children will immediately make a beeline for our kids’ area. It has colouring sheets, blocks and toys that they can occupy themselves with. They can have some time to relax and feel comfortable in our environment before going back to see the dentist.

Our Array of Services for Kids

We want your children to start off having a gorgeous smile. As they get their first teeth, we can see them for their first checkup. Through the years, we can provide a broad variety of services for them:

• Dental examination
• Fillings
• Diet and oral hygiene education
• Fissure sealants
• Fluoride treatment
• Local and topical anaesthetic
Scale and clean
Sports mouthguards
• Radiographs, including OPG

At their routine checkups, we’ll look over your child’s teeth. If we note that there are any potential problems such as areas of decay, we’ll let you know. We can discuss the best way to address these issues and make sure that they don’t adversely affect your child’s oral health.

Our Gentle Approach

We want your children to look forward to their appointments with us. Every member of our team is kind, compassionate and keeps their visits fun. Once they experience our gentle touch, any apprehension they feel will melt away. They’ll enjoy having their regular checkups with us and won’t have to feel concerned about any of our treatments for children’s dentistry Parramatta.

Your child should be involved in their care, too. We’ll tell them what we find and what it means to them so that they feel informed and can take part in their dental care and improving their oral health.

Medicare Child Dental Benefits

Did you know that children between the ages of 0 and 17 may be eligible for free dental care? Through the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS), they can have up to $1095 in services every two years. Your family must receive a government benefit such as the Family Tax Benefit Part A for your child to be eligible.

Your Child May Be Eligible

Learn whether your child can collect the Child Dental Benefits Schedule. Log in at or call the Medicare inquiries line on 132 011. You can also contact Parramatta Dental Clinic today and let us check for you! If you don’t want your child to miss school, we have late opening hours and are here for you on Saturdays.